Painting on the Business Model Canvas: A Case of Art-Based Entrepreneurship Education

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Painting on the Business Model Canvas: A Case of Art-Based Entrepreneurship Education

Berit Sandberg



Along with the meteoric rise of entrepreneurship education at universities, a gap between recommended skill sets and actual competence development has evolved. Programs focus on professional and methodological competence but tend to neglect entrepreneurial soft skills such as openness to new experiences, uncertainty competence, and resilience. Art-based teaching and learning are considered as an effective way of fostering key competencies such as creativity and reflexivity but have hardly been described in the context of entrepreneurship education. This paper explores what and how students learn from integrating a studio approach into entrepreneurship education. The research object is a teaching event on developing a business idea through painting. The two-day workshop encompassed instructions by an artist, students painting on large-size canvases, and an extended crit. The case study was informed by teaching conversations, student statements, lecturers’ observations, and resulting field notes. The creative process made participants reflect on the entrepreneurial mindset. Students progressed from initial planning over discovery of play to intermediate struggle and ended up in successful revival. Thereby students experienced self-efficacy and perseverance. The unfamiliar task forced them to proceed from mistakes and accidents. Failing with preconceived image ideas, they learned how to embrace uncertainty. Although the qualitative approach of this study lacks generalizability, the case adds to research and practice by underpinning the potential of art-based entrepreneurship education in fostering entrepreneurial competence.

Keywords: art-based learning, art-based teaching, entrepreneurial competence, entrepreneurship education, visual arts .