The Boundaryless and Protean Career Models and Work Centrality

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2023



The Boundaryless and Protean Career Models and Work Centrality

Ayse Begum Otken, PhD



Due to rapid changes in the nature of employment, the traditional form of career development has given way to new models that focus on the active role of individuals in career planning and the flexibility of employment. In these models, careers are not dependent on employers,but on employees. It is thought that employees who are active in their own career management see their work as more important and identifying themselves with it. This study focuses on these two career models and their relationship to work centrality. The data were collected from 364 employees working in İstanbul. The results show that self-confidence driven, boundaryless mind-set and organizational mobility preferences has explanatory power on work centrality. These results will help human resource practitioners to create opportunities for employees to take responsibility for their careers and understand that employees, who want to take responsibility for their careers, see their work as important.

keywords: boundaryless career, career development, protean career attitudes, work centrality