Learning and adaptation to change of students’ pedagogical profile

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Learning and adaptation to change of students’ pedagogical profile

Viorelia Lungu, Natalia Țabur



Education has the characteristic to change, being a principal that defines it, expressed through continued reforms in which is necessary to involve managers, teachers, and students. Learning is necessary for students to be able to answer to the new demands, to cause, but also to adapt to change. The student needs to be able to project the change, intervene in its flow, and be capable to obtain the desired effects and at the same time avoiding those that are not wanted, through learning. The most indicated in this way are the students with pedagogical profile, which will eventually apply in their practice what they learned, educating generations in creating, changing, and adapting to change. Are proposed 2 objectives of the research:(1)To identify the factors that favor the learning process; (2) The establishment of the actions made by students with the pedagogical profile for the suitable adaptation to social changes. In the realization of the research involved 40 students from the psycho-pedagogical program in the year 2022. As methods of research were used analysis, deduction, generalization, and the survey Adaptation to change and the statistical analysis of data. Therefore, there was made the conclusion that the examination of the nature of the change in education leads to different strategies of adaptation for those that are learning, to the accelerated rhythm of change, a fact that will contribute to his professional preparation.

keywords: learning, change, adaptation, change in education