Progression Pathways to Higher Education

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Progression Pathways to Higher Education

Lorraine Murphy, Ruth Walsh, Gillian O’Donovan & Clodagh Caslin



UNESCO (2016) recommend that Member States should develop pathways and facilitate transitions between secondary, post-secondary and tertiary education including flexible admission procedures and guidance, credit accumulation and transfer, bridging programmes and equivalency schemes that are recognised and accredited by the relevant authorities. UNECSO (2018) recommends education institutions and authorities collaborate to implement such measures. The purpose of our research is to investigate in depth how ATU Sligo can best address these recommendations and how they might be implemented in practice.  Our research has adopted a case study approach and we worked with Further Education colleagues in the ATU catchment area to explore with students’ and teams’ barriers and challenges to progression to Higher Education and formulated action plans that can be put in place to nurture and support this transition in a seamless fashion.

keywords: Progression, Education, Community, Barriers, Challenges