ICT innovation and follow-up of education graduates

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



ICT innovation and follow-up of education graduates

Oswaldo Lorenzo Quiles, Lucía Herrera Torres, Ana Lendínez Turón and Samuel Galdón López



This research employs the use of ICTs as an innovative element to assess the labour market integration of graduates in education, as well as to monitor them, paying attention to essential aspects such as their development in the labour market, training and transfer, all by means of ICT applications, software and resources. Therefore, this study has the following objectives: “to understand the opinion of graduates and students on the training obtained in the degrees” and “to study the professional insertion of graduates in teaching degrees and the satisfaction of employers on the transfer of training through the use of ICTs”. The methodology to be carried out is a mixed methodology, on the one hand, the application of a quantitative methodology, through the use of questionnaires, and on the other hand, to apply the qualitative methodology interviews were conducted, whose focus of attention to pass questionnaires and interviews are the teaching degrees and their graduates in Andalusian universities. Some of the results obtained were the following: graduates had a higher degree of satisfaction than students; graduates in education see postgraduate studies as a way of improving their knowledge and skills, most of them contemplating doctoral studies; on the other hand, the majority of students see the competitive examination as the best job opportunity. Finally, a good degree of satisfaction was obtained from employers.

keywords: ICT resources, graduates, education, professional insertion, training