Bondoc Dino’s stories about Earth history (storytelling with digital support)

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Bondoc Dino’s stories about Earth history (storytelling with digital support)

Alexandru Andrasanu, Loredana-Adriana Patrascoiu, Adina Popa, Cristina Toma



Our initiative brings to attention 5 stories created for the accessibility of the Tara Hategului Geopark, Romania which combines the recognized advantages of the storytelling method with digital elements to argue and augmentation of learning aspects related to the history of the Earth and of concepts related to geology and geodiversity, making them accessible to all children, even those with special educational needs (universal design for learning). The stories are supported by tactile images being innovative educational material for any school, they approach interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary elements that are difficult to understand in the history of the Earth and the life sciences. They are also examples of Universal Design for Learning and how teaching enables personalization by adapting educational content to the needs of all students. The final product is validated by piloting in 3 schools from the EduGeoparc Network (the informal network of schools on the territory of the UNESCO International Geopark Ţara Hațegului) and in 3 schools in Bucharest. The participation of stakeholders in the development of the final product is a guarantee of its quality.

keywords: accessibility, elearning, storytelling, tactile images, universal design for learning