Competences 4.0 as facilitators in educational projects management during Covid-19

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2022



Competences 4.0 as facilitators in educational projects management during Covid-19

Jadwiga Fila, Mateusz Jeżowski, Paweł Poszytek



Education systems became one of the spheres most severely disrupted by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The international dimension of education, and especially Erasmus+ Programme – the European Union initiative supporting the development of competitive skills and competences among pupils, students, adults, teachers, academics and professionals, was also affected – international mobility projects were either stopped or their implementation was significantly hindered. The poster presents the results of Authors’ own study on almost 1000 Erasmus+ project leaders who were completing their projects tasks during the peak of pandemic in Poland in 2020. The Authors discuss the role of 4.0 competences (digital and technical competence, managerial competence, cognitive competence, social and psychosocial competence) of adult professionals in the implementation and assuring sustainability of projects under Erasmus+ Programme. The aim was to study whether those competences are able to empower Erasmus+ project leaders in sustaining their international cooperation in the times of global crisis, widespread online learning and common project disruption or cancellation. The research hypothesis assumed that the above-mentioned competences might help project leaders to carry out and complete their projects. The Authors also show that project leaders’ high 4.0 competences might constitute a sort of protective shield for functioning in a globalized, digitalized and drastically changing environment, which demands fast and effective adaptation to new challenges.

keywords: adult education, competences 4.0, competitive skills, sustainability, project management, Erasmus+.