Assessing Student Learning

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2022



Assessing Student Learning

Anantdeep kaur, Sharanjeet singh



Early childhoo education and  assessment of children is  very essential tool which helps them in their growth and development. Techniques  should be  developed  and tools  should be  created  in this field  as  it  is  very  important  and  learning  phase of  life.  Some information and sources are included for student assessment .Assessment provides record of growth in all developmental areas cognitive, physical, Language, social-emotional and approaches to   learning. As an early childhood  educator, it very important to identify children  who  need  special  support  and  counseling  to  improve  them because they are not mentally mature to discuss with the teacher their problems and  needs.  It  is  duty  and  responsibility  of  the  educator  to  assess  children  from their body language, behavior and their routine actions about their skills that can improved and which can take them forward in their future life. And also children should be assessed with their weaker points because this the right time to correct them and they be improved with certain methods and tools by working on them constantly. Observing children regularly with all their facets of development, including intellectual, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical   development.  Every day, a  physical  education  class  should be  regulated  to  check  their  physical growth  activities,  which  can  help  to  assess their  physical activeness  and  motor abilities . when they are outside in the play grounds it is very important to instill environmental  understanding  among  them  so  that  they  should  know  that  they are  very  part  of  this  nature  and  it  will  help  them  to  be  one  with  the  universe rather than feeling themselves individual. This technique assists them to live their childhood with full of energy all the time.

All types of assessments have unique purposes. It is important t  first determine  what  should  be  measured,  then  find  the  program  that  best  assesses those.

keywords: Special needs, Motor ability, Environmental understanding, Physical development .