Afghan Women’s Perception and Worries under the Ruling of The Taliban

Proceedings of The 5th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2023



Afghan Women’s Perception and Worries under the Ruling of The Taliban

Lutfurahman Aftab (Ph.D)



Afghan women have always been victimized by political turmoil and domestic violence for years. The coming of the Taliban on 15 August 2021 has further increased Afghan women’s worries. This comprehensive study is of uttermost importance for the future of the Afghan women as it depicts the real perception and worries of the Afghan women toward the future ruling of the Taliban and it also offers a clear and true image of what the Afghan women really think and how they feel themselves in the conservative administration of the Taliban.
The data was collected during the first 6 months of the Taliban’s ruling from 2300 Afghan women through a well-designed in-person questionnaire under the strict supervision of the author and 17 female university students were trained and assigned for data collection in the capital of Afghanistan. The data was later entered from hard copies to the Kobo Toolbox and analyzed in Stata 17.
The study included 2300 young and adult Afghan women with 1,313 students from different universities, 350 housewives, 225 teachers, 224 self-employed, and 118 doctors and nurses.
The study shows that 67% of the Afghan women are not feeling comfortable during the current government of the Taliban and 33% are little or very little comfortable.
The study also unveiled the reality that 96% of the Afghan women think that the current behavior of the Taliban will change adversely if the international community recognize them in the future. Besides that, a very great percent of the Afghan women are worried that the Taliban may impose certain dress upon them, they would not allow them to get higher education and above all, they may not allow them to participate in social and political activities. The study also shows that 98% of the women don’t see their future bright in the government of the Taliban.

keywords: Taliban, Women, Afghanistan, Worries, Perception