Women Entrepreneurship Finance: Ukrainian Case Studies Together with UK Experience

Proceedings of The 5th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2023



Women Entrepreneurship Finance: Ukrainian Case Studies Together with UK Experience

Iryna Tytrachuk



The research relates to approaches and tools for supporting women’s entrepreneurship and ensuring the principle of gender equality in business financing. The purpose of the research is analysis and definition of the current gender landscape for entrepreneurial finance with particular reference to the Ukraine and UK experience and formation of principles on how these financial factors can be made more gender balanced.
Due to the scattered nature of information related to the diversity of businesses and startups, the research used a different sources and data gathering methods. The analytical basis of the research is an in-depth interview of 13 women business owners and analysis of 500 online questionnaires of female entrepreneurs about starting and running their own business. The geography of the survey was Ukraine.
The results showed that own funds is an important source of business capital for 70% women business owners in Ukraine. In 2022 it caused by the unstable situation in the country due to the war and the riskiness of taking a bank loan.
In UK venture capital investment in startups with female founders is increasing, but progress is very slow. 83% of deals that UK VCs made 2021 had no women at all on the founding teams.
Analysis of data results makes it possible to identify regional features, trend problems and difficulties in implementing gender approaches in financing.

keywords: Women Entrepreneurship, Business, Startups, Venture Capital, Financial Resources