Women Condition in Man Created System: An Analysis of Political System

Proceedings of The 5th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2023



Women Condition in Man Created System: An Analysis of Political System

Anamika Pundir



Human is critically a systematic being. He created everything in system at the same time system for everything.  But this system has some defaults because this system has been created by one gender. Human being that is men so other gender that is women and third gender has not proper participation as per population. This all system is affecting to all gender human being as decision making system, administration, education, health, family, marriage and other systems. In the political system women has not proper participation, even thought some women entered in that system but what they are facing in that system. This article will drag concentration not only the representation of women in system in special case of political system but also show the condition of women in that system after being represent (presence). We are neglecting women as a different gender has some different qualities (virtues), because of these qualities, they have some primary responsibilities (child care, family responsibilities, basic institution responsibility, relatives, cultural rules) in comparison to male gender. So, women have to take care primary responsibilities and same time they have to compete with men in work place. It seems not only difficult for women because women is working in man made system. But it is unadorable to women because it is giving over burden and same time feeling of incomplete. if they will involve in primary responsibilities as per their natural qualities. They will disappear in their individual responsibilities where as a human they have and the same time if they will involve in the systems to compete their human being responsibilities with men competition in man made system. They have to crush their natural qualities and leave their primary responsibilities. If they will fail in life some little incomplete feeling is remaining because of this man created system. So, this article is trying to show women condition in current system and same time it is trying to find out remarkable solution to address this situation which women are facing.

keywords: Man created system, Political system, women natural qualities, Primary Responsibility