The Role of Men with the Arisen of Feminist Power

Proceedings of The 5th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2023



The Role of Men with the Arisen of Feminist Power

Adriana Cantón



In the past years, feminism has arisen worldwide, forcing all individuals to re-understand social hierarchies, now with women gaining power as never before. In this new context, the role of men still needs to be clarified: considering the superiority of women would create a never-ending circle of one (or several) genders against another, as male dominance was predominant for centuries. Historically, even resentment can be found in this relationship; however, why would their role be mandatorily negative? Depending on the subject, men have had the majority of relevance, for example, in politics, economics, and sports. Undeniably, this is changing, and these arenas are more receptive to women’s capacities. Nonetheless, this paper parts from the understatement that men, in general, are not the enemy to be defeated but rather a gender that has to yield power to let women have their voices. Where does this leave them? Thus, the present investigation will follow a qualitative approach to conduct interviews with women from different regions of the world to provide a consensus about the role of men as allies in this feminist struggle. The research question is: How has feminist power provided a new interpretation of the role of men in current societies? To attain the main objective: to provide several options of how men can be genuinely assertive and receptive to contemporary feminism.

keywords: feminism, man, power, resocialization, social hierarchies