Developing Students’ Entrepreneurial Competence through Two Models of Teaching Approach

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Future of Education

Year: 2022



Developing Students’ Entrepreneurial Competence through Two Models of Teaching Approach

Prof. Tatjana Krapše, Dr. Katica Pevec Semec



In this paper, we present two models for the implementation of the entrepreneurial competence, which we developed together with 120 elementary schools in a five-year development project fostering entrepreneurial competence and promoting flexible transitions between education and the environment in primary schools in Slovenia (2017-2022).
Learners develop the whole specter of 15 competences described in the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. The concept, the way and the quality of the development of entrepreneurship competence of pupils in the field of education is understood in direct relation to didactic strategies.

We have developed two models. Model 1 includes didactic strategies such as integrated, social-constructivist and problem-based learning. In model 2, the focus is on individual didactic methods based on the active role of the pupils. In this model, pupils develop only some of the competences (critical thinking, teamwork, communication, etc.).

Model 1 promotes the development of a holistic entrepreneurial competence, based on content knowledge and skills such as opportunity discovery, creativity, vision, human resource integration, collaboration, etc. The use of this model guides teachers to design learning processes that challenge students to solve authentic life situations and to face real-life problems.
While students in the Model 1 develop competences over a longer period of time, by solving authentic environmental challenges, the characteristic of Model 2 is that teachers can apply it in each lesson of each subject, when they are focused on the development of only the individual competences of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.

keywords: entrepreneurial competence, teaching strategies, didactic model, elementary school.