The Use of Social Media in Business Education

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Future of Education

Year: 2022



The Use of Social Media in Business Education

Prof. Dr. Patrick Poon



Owing to the influence of COVID-19, implementation of hybrid teaching which involves blended learning has been widely adopted. The blended learning utilizes and integrates face-to-face and virtual learning experiences. However, students may be new to such pedagogical approach and there is a concern about their engagement and performance in the blended learning environment. In addition to gamification, social media is expected to be an effective method to enhance student engagement and performance in such learning. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of social media such as WhatsApp on student engagement and academic performance in business education. Students are expected to be more motivated and achieve better learning outcomes when a social media platform is provided for learning. This study also compares the characteristics of various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Discord and Slack. The findings based on questionnaire survey indicate that the use of social media can lead to an enhancement of student engagement, motivation to learn, team collaboration and academic performance. The research highlights the benefits of the adoption of social media in teaching and learning.

keywords: social media, business education, learning outcome, student engagement, student performance.