Theater in Education (TIE) Course to Overcome the Closed Era of COVID-19

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Future of Education

Year: 2022



Theater in Education (TIE) Course to Overcome the Closed Era of COVID-19

Prof. Dr. Yunrak Sohn



This course, named ‘Mind-body Formation through Dramatic Play’, aims at a character education in university in order to make students overcome the negative effects of the ‘Closed Era’ due to COVID-19. Here students become the subject of their own learning process and participate voluntarily in it. It is a challenge with new method of TIE in liberal arts education of universities in two points: (1) speaking and writing are combined as a narrative approach, (2) using the methodology of theater in education.
Students are introduced to participate in this class through ‘dramatic plays’ proposed with various role plays. They would be able to reflect on themselves in the holistic relationship of the three stages of life, that is ‘I–Other–World’, which is established between themselves and others. In this way, the class enables them to naturally achieve the goal of character formation while experiencing their role in society with their own bodies.
The learning process of this course consists of four steps: 1) ‘Stage of life’, 2) ‘Making relationships’, 3) ‘Situations and choices’, and 4) ‘Our generation’. This is the application of the method of educational theater to the liberal arts classes in the university, and it enables us to meet the complex situations caused by difficulties of making relationships in a closed life and problems with cultural diversity in our society. Through this course, students would be able to embody their viewpoints of the world of New-Normal after COVID-19, and to live together with Others

keywords: character education, narrative approach, overcoming ‘Closed Era’, dramatic plays, living together.