Knowledge Representation in Business Process Automation Systems

Proceedings of ‏The 5th International Conference on Applied Research in Science, Technology and Knowledge

Year: 2021


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Knowledge Representation in Business Process Automation Systems

Petrika Manika, Ana Ktona, Endrit Xhina



Knowledge representation is one of the most familiar concept fields of artificial intelligence. A large number of studies have been done for representation varieties and also for the structure of a knowledge representation. The properties that a data set should have to be defined as knowledge representation are also very important. In knowledge representation, an ontology is used to describe a particular approach to the representation of concepts and their inter-relations. Extracting knowledge representation from existing information systems is not a simple or standard process that can be followed by everyone. A lot of knowledge can be generated from business process automation systems.  The purpose of this paper is to analyze the knowledge representation that can be extracted from the huge amount of data that a business process automation system can have.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Knowledge representation, Ontologies, Business process automation.