New Pedestrianism as a tool to sustainable commercial design at Amman City

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2019


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New Pedestrianism as a tool to sustainable commercial design at Amman City

Samer Abu Ghazaleh



The concept of pedestrianism is not new at Amman. It had been tried at several locations at Amman in the past but failed due to different reasons. What is new here is the application of this concept on a new commercial project called Abdali Project at the city if Amman. The Boulevard of the Abdali Project will be investigated in this research in terms of its layout design and social affect upon the users. The project which is completed in 2016 took nearly ten years to complete due to the international recession after 2007, which affected Jordan as well. Abdali project is the largest mixed use development project in Jordan. Pedestrianism is part of the concept of sustainability which is part of the theme of the design of the Boulevard. This study examines the Boulevard of the Abdali Project in terms of its design, style, layout, location and its effect on the urban planning. A survey is carried out to investigate the economic, social interaction and layout of the Boulevard by the author and a number of conclusions are reached at end through analysing the questionnaire. This research concludes that the concept of pedestalization is successful at this project with the need for certain element to improve the current situation.

Keywords: Abdali Project, Boulevard, pedestrian, sustainability.