The Extraordinary Negro

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2022



The Extraordinary Negro

Tatjana Vukelić



Racist Americans of all colors would in 2004 begin hailing Barack Obama, with all his public intelligence, morality, speaking ability, and political success, as the extraordinary Negro. This hallmark had come a mighty long way from Phillis Wheatley to Barack Obama, who became the nation’s only African American in the US Senate in 2005. Since Wheatley, segregationists had despised these extraordinary-Negro exhibits of Black capability and had done everything to take them down. But Obama’s era was different. Segregationists turned their backs on their predecessors and adored Obama’s presidency as a proclamation of the end of racism. They wanted to end the discourse on discrimination. Unfortunately, things did not improve much. Frankly speaking, for generations of Americans, racist ideas have been their common sense, and the logic of racist ideas has manipulated millions over the centuries. Most Americans are probably aware of racial disparities between the Whites and the Blacks in police shootings, in wealth, in incarceration – in nearly every aspect of US society. Today, the United States remains not even close to racial parity. Black people have been stamped from the beginning.

Keywords: Black people, discrimination, racism, segregation, #blacklivesmatter .