Information System towards Strategic Resilience:A Good Match?

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2019


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Information System towards Strategic Resilience:A Good Match?

Raphaela Vidal



Business world is surrounded for continuous and rapid changes, both internal and external ones, that can affect organizations deeply. Dealing with uncertainties and improve the capacity to achieve goals is essential to survive. In this scenery emerges Strategic Resilience as an opportunity in management to help organizations to develop themselves and succeed on the competitive environment. Previous research has investigated Strategic Resilience promoting factors and identified Information System as one of them. Thereby, this paper intends to refine that research in order to identify some aspects (variables) related to Information System and confirm through a quantitative research if it is a relevant Strategic Resilience promoting factor. Then, this paper focuses on giving the answer to the following questions: Is information System (IS) a Strategic Resilience promoting factor? Which variables related to IS are more relevant for this? The author provides the understanding of the relation between Strategic Resilience and Information System, addressing conceptual issues in those fields.  A questionnaire survey was applied to a group of 122 experts, among academics and practitioners. A statistical analysis was performed, focusing on Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Afterwards, it was built a relationship diagram between those issues. Findings confirm Information System as promoting Strategic Resilience factor. In addition, variable 1 e 3 are especially important for achieving Strategic Resilience.

Keywords: Strategic resilience; Information System; Confirmatory Factor Analysis.