Canals:  Colonial Hydrological Perspective

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Canals:  Colonial Hydrological Perspective

Brighty Robert




The study examines the hydrological elements used as an imperial policy in the west and east coast of British India.  It conjoins the north and south regions of different provinces through the inland water way and it configure the market system of interior parts by interconnecting with principle ports near to it. Specifically, the study aims to trace out the locale and design of canal along with the geographical accessibility. However, as an impact of the integration of the natural inlets like rivers, backwaters and estuaries it brings out an uninterrupted line of inland waterway. This study also analysis the reach ability of the canal to fulfill the imperial purpose and relocation of market system which leads the market reorientation in various parts in early 20th century. The canal policy of British was a prime motive of imperial power that took up the natural water bodies especially rivers, backwaters and estuaries to join with artificial ways.

keywords: Colonialism, Imperialism, West Coast Canal, Construction, East India Company