The Health in Sudan

Proceedings of The 5th international conference on knowledge and innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2019


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The Health in Sudan

Hashim Hassan Abbas Alamin



Sudan faces Health  Problems, there  was  no any  development   and  progress  in different  types  of  professional  or  technical  or  disciplines because  of   which there  was clear deterioration  in the economy.
Sudanese are suffering from shortages in getting simple human right to live such as how to get water supply, electricity, foods and even children cannot find chances in school to be educated and to be involved in a health center or hospital unless their parents pay much money.
Now a day all disease which has been eradicated in ancient times started to recur and spread in several areas around Sudan such as Cholera – yellow fever – denger fiver tuberculosis – Chucungonia – measles – varicella and hepatitis A, and this is due to environmental contamination and poor health services.
From  all  times  mentioned , I could  say  health in Sudan  is  going   down  although  Sudanese  Doctors and  all  medical  staff are  they qualified  but no facilities  for  developing   more .
Basic health services are very poor, and the government corporation and even the ministry of health have no interest responsibility for acting upon this shortage and deterioration.
I hope  we  try  to  change   all  these  difficulties  by  new   plans  and   system  to develop and  the   rehabilitate  health  services  for a new  era  and   to  create a good  atmosphere  for   Sudanese  citizens  and   even for  future   for  children  and   adolescents  and all the people  in  Sudan.

Keywords: Ancient, Disease, Environmental, Contamination, Services.