Development of Production of Agricultural Products and Honey on The Rooftops of Metropolises

Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2023



Development of Production of Agricultural Products and Honey on The Rooftops of Metropolises

Esmaeil Khalilzadeh Naghneh, Soma Gholamveisy




The great importance of beekeeping has led to the creation of different methods for it. Maybe until the last few decades, no one thought that beekeeping could be chosen as a second job or even as a hobby, but today the conditions are ready for this type of activity. A possible place can be provided in the courtyard or on the roof. This will help you not to complain about your beekeeping and continue your work. The main purpose of this research was to explain the components of agricultural business in the field of production and cultivation of Hessel on the roof using exploratory qualitative methodology. This research is interesting from the point of view that by explaining the desired components, policies can be developed to improve and develop the activities of agricultural companies and urban green spaces. Due to the wide variety of companies present in the field of urban agriculture, one of its sub-sectors (green roof agriculture) was selected as the case study. Therefore, in this research, we tried to identify the factors that make up the business model of these companies. The tools of data collection were semi-structured in-depth interviews, document review, and website review as visual media to apply multilateralism, and the data were analyzed by thematic analysis method. The findings led to the explanation of business components in the areas of product, customer, infrastructure management, and financial aspects, most of which were compatible with the Osterwalder model. This garden the section of a society-wide volunteer research to paper habitat for butterflies and bees

keywords: production, rooftops, metropolises, honey, agricultural