Handling Imperfect Production in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains with Green Considerations

Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2023



Handling Imperfect Production in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains with Green Considerations

Abu Hashan Md Mashud, Ripon K. Chakrabortty, Omar K. Hussain




This study explores the impact of disruptions and imperfections in supply chain echelons on efficiency and environmental sustainability, with a focus on integrating green technology to restrict emissions. Specifically, it investigates disruptions in the supplier’s echelon and imperfections in the manufacturer’s echelon, while also considering carbon footprint calculations. By incorporating green technology, the study aims to mitigate emissions associated with these disruptions and imperfections. Understanding and managing these disruptions and imperfections are crucial for smooth operations and minimizing environmental effects. Disruptions in the supplier’s echelon can lead to delays, shortages, or quality issues in raw materials or components. Imperfections in the manufacturer’s echelon can result in production inefficiencies, defects, and variations in product quality. The Weibull distribution is used to quantify the impact of these factors. Additionally, the study investigates the carbon footprint associated with supply chain operations, estimating greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. By considering disruptions and imperfections and integrating green technology, the researchers aim to understand how to effectively restrict emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint. The findings will enhance understanding of disruptions, imperfections, and their effects, assisting practitioners and policymakers in developing strategies that leverage green technology to mitigate environmental impacts, optimize supply chain operations, promote green manufacture, and reduce the carbon footprint.

keywords: disruptions, green technology, green manufacture, imperfect production, supply chain management