Techno-Economic Assessment Models for 5G

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Modern Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Year: 2021


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Techno-Economic Assessment Models for 5G

Carlos Bendicho



This paper proposes the characteristics a techno-economic model for 5G should have considering both mobile network operator´s perspective and end user´s needs. It also presents a review and classification of models in the literature based on the characteristics of such theoretical techno-economic reference model. The performed analysis identifies current gaps in the techno-economic modeling literature for 5G architectures and shows it can be enhanced using agile techno-economic models like the Universal Techno-Economic Model (UTEM) created and developed by the author to industrialize assessment of different technological solutions, considering all market players perspectives and applicable to decision-making in multiple domains. This model can be used for an effective and agile 5G techno-economic assessment, including not only network deployment perspective but also customers´ and end users´ requirements as well as other stakeholders´ to select the most adequate 5G architectural solution considering both technical and economic feasibility. UTEM model is currently available for all industry stakeholders under specific license of use.

Keywords: LTE; Mobile Networks; Techno-Economics; Techno-Economic Evaluation; Wireless Networks.