Role of Ergonomics in Medium Scale Apparel Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2019


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Role of Ergonomics in Medium Scale Apparel Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka

Mahalekam Walawwe Omali Menike Karunaratne and Mahalekam Walawwe Thilini Karunarantne




Ergonomics or science of human factors are used as methods and measurements to develop and design machine and work suit the employees. Encountered challenges in applying ergonomics in apparel industry in Sri Lanka are Inadequacy of equipment, assessments and inadequate knowledge on ergonomics norms. Both qualitative and quantitative was use to evaluate the present ergonomics situations at the manufacturing plant. A questionnaire was developed based on the evaluated current phenomenon of ergonomics in order to investigate the ergonomics through systematic observation at apparel industry to discover the malpractices and to implement the ergonomic standards. Prior to beginning the questionnaire, current ergonomics of the plants was observed, simple discussions were carried out with the randomly selected workers to get their ideas about the problems they have confronted was noted. Sample of size was 250 employees and was drawn randomly. Walk through survey was conducted in all the departments and the type of issue related to ergonomics encountered was recorded. As per the feedback, 78% of the operators identified their work load as light, 44%of the sample visit the medical Centre rarely.69% of the sample claims that their working posture is comfortable. The researcher observes that 41% workers claimed that they experienced lower back pains and 59% of the sample claims that the heat is high in the work place. Postural discomfort was common within the sewing operators. The study concludes that the management has to take some steps to improve work place ergonomics by considering on environmental factors.

Keywords: ergonomics, apparel industry, employees, Sri Lanka, posture.