Perception of brazilian consumers about sustainable food packaging

Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Perception of brazilian consumers about sustainable food packaging

Lívia de Souza Alexandre, Anderson Marcolino Pereira de Oliveira and Walkyria Carvalho



With the increase of support for sustainability by the population, it was noticed the interest for the sustainable packages. Therefore, the researchers focused on how to increase the sustainability of packaging through the use of eco-design tools, however, previous studies have not yet investigated the relationship between sustainable packaging and consumer behavior during the purchase and recycling of the life cycle of the packaging, which would facilitate the development of a product more directed to the interests of the final consumer. The present study aims to examine the importance that Brazilian consumers give to sustainable packaging during the decision to purchase similar products. This research was carried out with 2,893 people in Brazil, who answered an online form. Based on the responses, two groups of consumers were identified: a group that attributes importance to sustainable packaging and another that considers these packaging unimportant in the decisions to purchase products. Based on the results obtained, it was seen that gender, environmental awareness, concerns about the opinions of society, positive attitude towards green purchasing and the perception of consumer actions are factors that differentiate the two groups of consumers. The findings of this study should be relevant to public decision makers, packaging companies, and marketers.

Keywords: consumption profile, footprint, packaging, sustainable consumption, sustainable economy.