ESCO: A Bridge between Labour Market and Education Market

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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ESCO: A Bridge between Labour Market and Education Market

Cristina-Vasilica ICOCIU, Nicolae POSTĂVARU,Tiberiu Gabriel DOBRESCU and Cătălin-Ionuț SILVESTRU



This article addresses, analyses and offers a solution for the ESCO skills/competence hierarchy, based on the taxonomic system of ISCO-08 and ISCED 2013, as well as on the model of the American National Academy of Engineering. The solution is original and belongs to the authors and it can help universities create study programs towards the European desire of the third decade: recognition for all. This would be a big step to the second European desire of the higher education graduates: mobility for all. Through the proposed solution, a connection will be made between the skills and tasks assigned to the job and the level of qualification, thus linking education with the requirements of the labour market and transforming ESCO into the bridge connecting the international standards ISCO and ISCED, by EQF level of qualification. The authors, through their activity, have been interested in this respect for several years and wish that the solution found be proposed to the ESCO Group and promoted at European level. It will be improved and perfected by cooperation projects establishing the skills hierarchies as stated herein. This presentation is new to the field of education and to the relation labour market – education market and it is based on analysis and statistical studies in relevant literature, as resulted from the first part of the article.

Keywords: ESCO, ISCO, ISCED, learning outcomes, skills, hierarchy.