Development Concepts of Regional Clusters and Basic Orientations

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Development Concepts of Regional Clusters and Basic Orientations

Ketevan Goletiani and Tengiz Apkhazava2




The actuality of the formation of regional (territorial) transport-logistics systems based on cluster approach is substantiated in the presented work. The importance of clusters in the innovative development process of the region is shown. Based on the analysis of European transport-logistics clusters and the world clustered principles in general, the need for creation of territorial transport-logistics clusters in the region are substantiated and a strategic algorithm for their gradual formation and development are presented.Clusters as an organizational model of an ecosystem network are analyzed and the role, place and meaning of key players participating in it are highlighted. The importance of participation of government structures in the formation process of clusters is especially highlighted.  Three modern dimensions of clusters and their innovative matrix are given.Based on the analysis of regional (territorial) clusters operating in different countries, the goals of cluster development policy are set out. Three basic systematic compilers are established, based on systematic analyzes and regional factors of functioning of European transport-logistics clusters,development of which will promote the development of regional transport-logistics clusters in our region (territory).

Keywords: Cluster, Transport-Logistic System, Innovation, Model, Region.