“Green Economy“ and Priorities of Biogeocentrism

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2019


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 “Green Economy and Priorities of Biogeocentrism

Temur Shengelia , Khatuna Berishvili



The basic postulates of economic science were founded in the epoch when material activities of a man did not exceed the potential for restoration of the natural environment. By today the situation has changed considerably: anthropogenic loading exceeded the condition of natural complex and of entire ecosphere. The mankind passed to responsible stage of its history, which demands change of economy paradigm, its compatibility with the demand of biosphere development. Transition to a new step of culture of material production is necessary, which should be compatible with the exhaustible ecopotential of the universe.

The present work discusses present directions of “green economy” and the need for involvement of the natural environment into the system of social-economic relations. The concept of sustainable debelopment of countries, according to which economy of anthrosphere should obey the laws of biosphere economy that implies a priority of biogeocentrism contrary to anthropocentrism.

Keywords:“green economy“, ecopotential, exhaustion, economic paradigm, change.