Overcoming psychological barriers: online teaching as a black swan of education

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2021


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Overcoming psychological barriers: online teaching as a black swan of education

Oleksandra Halchenko



The black swan event in education systems of the whole world has generated a surge in the demand for web based teaching and learning. Starting as inevitability, online education turned into an emergence of numerous educational platforms, tools and methods.  The saying   presuming that black swans did not exist – has become reinterpreted to rare events that are beyond the realm of normal. The general understanding that online education as a whole does not exist – has become reinterpreted   to the most up-to-date and commonly used way of teaching.   Getting used to   an absolutely digital way of delivery is a long process, which requires supporting our learners throughout this journey of digitalization. This paper explores which  lesson conducting patterns, such as  various    activities  and games can help overcome psychological  barriers related to the lack of interpersonal communication  and one –on-one  support in online  teaching.    It also addresses how   university students can benefit from the online delivery of ESL courses and examines   the strategies that make the students more successful in a new normal. This paper raises questions about how to best support English preparatory program university students   in a way that they can take the most out of e-learning.

This study was designed to analyze   the psychological   determinants of the learner’s behavior relevant to online learning. The number of psychological challenges that the students are facing in online medium of communication, and how these issues can be addressed. This study, based on the students being surveyed, focused on English preparatory program university students who are currently combining the faculty life and the English language course. The research study was conducted through the questionnaire and sent to the students via Google Forms. The students got open ended questions pertaining to the online environment, and structure of the course in terms of benefits, pitfalls and suggestions to take into consideration when learning in a new reality. All the questions were answered anonymously.

 A complete shift of language learning to online setting is as   a black swan event reckoned to be improbable before, and is normalized after the fact. As a real black swan event it offered    surprisingly excellent ways for students to broaden their educational opportunities and achieving more in the ever demanding realm of education. Students embarking on the path of education   through online learning have learned to be self-motivated, independent, and responsible learners. They got more awareness of their learning styles and realized that learning is an ongoing process and cannot be limited by the walls of the classroom.

keywords: psycholinguistics; black swan event; e-learning; gamification; lyrics training.