School Principals as Jugglers

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2019


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School Principals as Jugglers

Jurica Pavicic,Zoran Krupka and Goran Vlasic



At daily basis school principals need to balance between needs and wishes of different stakeholders. As the most important stakeholder stands out pupils from which is expected to perform at high level all the time. Another very important stakeholders are teachers which (often) are not motivated enough (financially, emotionally, socially) to give the best in the classrooms. Also, there are parents which expect that their children are exposed to best knowledge; government who expect that school system in general is at internationally competitive level; and also, companies who wishes to have people / labor force who know what to do when faced with problems. To be able to satisfied all parties involved, school principals need to juggle between them and at the same time ensure that school, as an organization, is function immaculately. Our paper focus on school principals and how marketing and management knowledge can help in juggling between the stakeholders. Context of our paper is Croatia – country that had good primary and secondary school systems but by entering EU and exposing to different kind of practice and demands, needed to adopt them. In that new environment business, and especially marketing and management knowledge, become crucial for school principals.

keywords: school principals; stakeholders; business knowledge.