The use of sustainability values in advertisements of housing projects: A Turkish case

Proceedings of The 15th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The use of sustainability values in advertisements of housing projects: A Turkish case

Meryem Geçimli, Kemal Köksal




The design of the house relates to the setting of the advertisement and is crucial to the semantic integrity of the sentence. Because although spaces are molded as rhetorical elements with their users and usage objectives, they are planned according to the scenario presented by advertising or they are scripted based on the intended spaces. Housing advertisement acts as a mirror of a society, reflecting its preferences. Hence, the extensive usage of signs and symbols representing landscape values in advertising may be interpreted as a reflection of the public’s prevalent preferences. Based on an analysis of advertisements by Turkey Housing Development Administration Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Company, this paper explores evidence supporting this claim. The components of a typical advertising are studied, revealing the different indications and forms that represent sustainability and other qualities. This study employs qualitative research, and the methodology employed is semiotic analysis, through which the meaning of a text or image can be discerned. For the purpose of this research, data has been collected randomly from internet. Random sampling was used in February 2023 to collect the housing projects announced on the institution’s official website and linked accounts.

keywords: semiotics, housing design, housing marketing, sustainability values, Turkey Housing Development Administration