Performance Appraisal and Justice Perception of Employees with Multinationals in Ghana

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

Year: 2022



Performance Appraisal and Justice Perception of Employees with Multinationals in Ghana

Michael Mickson



Many research has focused on the effect of performance appraisal on employee performance and productivity with a few focusing on employee perception of the appraisal process based on their justice perception and consequently on employee job satisfaction. Participants used in this research came from multi-national organizations which were considered to have credible appraisal systems and quite current procedures to examine the effect of organizational justice conflict. Using questionnaires, the study was analysed using regression to study the simultaneous effects of few independent variables on a dependent variable. The study revealed that the interactional justice has more influence than other types of organizational justice perceptions in assessing employee’s performance, which was the reverse with previous research. Employees are more interested with the process of interaction during the evaluation process and after the evaluation process. They want to understand the evaluation process to appreciate the feedback they receive after the appraisal process. This provides strong evidence for the relationship between employee perception of organizational justice in performance appraisal system and work performance. This also gives credence to the significant relationship between performance appraisal satisfaction and work performance. The key implication for organization is an important role of the employees’ perceptions of the success or failure of a system. Therefore, it is imperative for management of an organization to be well informed of employee perceptions during the design and implementation of any appraisal system.

keywords: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Justice Perception, Performance Appraisal System, Performance appraisal discomfort, Work Performance