Population Aging and Its Impact on Carbon Emissions

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

Year: 2022



Population Aging and Its Impact on Carbon Emissions

Prof. Ivana Barkovic Bojanic, Prof. Djula Borozan



Population aging worldwide has attracted increased research interest in economic literature due to its complex and multifaceted implications for the economy and society as a whole. A lot of research has been focused on topics such as the impact of aging on the labor force, economic productivity, consumption, income distribution, savings, public finances and other macroeconomic age-specific aspects. In the light of the global demographic transition and considering that carbon emissions are the primary source of global warming and climate change, research attention has started to be increasingly drawn to older people and their impact on these emissions. Indeed, the relationship between population aging and carbon emissions is not straightforward due to the changes older people experience regarding economic activity on the labor market, energy consumption, mobility, lifestyle, technology, and the like.
The purpose of this paper is to systematically review the existing theoretical and empirical literature on the effects population aging has on carbon emissions in order to reveal the state of the art. In addition, the paper identifies policy implications and puts forward potential research prospects.

keywords: demographic transition, climate change, low-carbon economy, older people, sustainable development