Modelling the Students’ Career Decision Making in Emerging Markets

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

Year: 2023



Modelling the Students’ Career Decision Making in Emerging Markets

Reem Mohamed Elalfy, Mayar Farrag Elsayed, Randa El Bedawy



This study aims to provide educators and employers with information concerning factors of subjective risk intelligence impacting the student’s career decision making. The study investigates the impact of subjective risk intelligence dimensions; imaginative capability, and  problem-solving self-efficacy on the career decision making CDM indicators’ eight dimensions: decidedness, comfort, career choice anxiety, external barrier, and need for career information, readiness, career salience, and inconsistent information. Results are obtained from surveying 489 university students throughout 4th and 3th university students college years.
The study provided a new identification for the factors, the first three factors: (career anxiety, external barriers, and inconsistent information), to measure participants’ perceptions of difficulties, and obstacles that might be inhibited career decision making. Next: (need for career information, readiness, and career salience), to measure the degree of a student’s perceptions of preparing his/herself to be adapted with future career. Finally, (i) Decidedness, and (ii) Comfort subscales designed to measure an individual’s degree of belief that he or she be certain, committed and comfort with future career choice.
The main findings showed that subjective risk intelligence factors have both direct and indirect effects on the career decision making dimensions considering future work.
This study will provide educators and employers responsible for the management and development of career decision making with significant information about how students perceive risk and ways to adoption of the right choice.

keywords: Risk intelligence, career decision making, Higher Education, Emerging markets