Adsorption of Benalaxyl and Atrazine in Natural Clays Brari (Tirana) and Dardha (Korça)

Proceedings of ‏The 11th International Conference on Research in Engineering, Science & Technology

Year: 2021


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Adsorption of Benalaxyl and Atrazine in Natural Clays Brari (Tirana) and Dardha (Korça)

Esad Behrami, Kledi Xhaxhiu, Arianit Reka, Adelaida Andoni , Xhuljeta Hamiti,Spiro Drushku



In this abstract we are presenting the study of adsorption of benalaxyl and atrazine in natural Brary clays (Tirana) 41 ° 21′14.49 ″ N; 19 ° 50′17.74 ″ E and Dardha (Korça) 40 ° 31′16.59 ″ N; 20 ° 49′33.69 ″ E,  from aqueous solutions with a concentration of 5 mg / ml. For the study we took the fractions ≤0.600 mm of natural brary and pear clays, The ratio of clay / H2O (distilled) is 1: 5, so 1g of clay for every 5 ml of working solution or 5 g of clay for 25 ml of working solution of benalaxyl and atrazine . We carried out the study at T = 25 ° C, volume V = 25 ml and as a starting point for the calculations we took the white test values ​​after 2 hours at 25 ° C, where the amount found in V = 25 ml is 2.3325 mg (from 5 mg occurred in 25 ml). The responsible factor calculated according to the method mentioned above in the working conditions in GC / MS was found and has a value FP = 0.2738 (for brary clay) and we checked it with the standard solution for each set of measurements. Based on the obtained results it turns out that Dardha clay has weaker properties in terms of adsorption of benalaxyl and atrazine compared to Brary clay. Under the same conditions we found the factor responsible for Dardha clay and it has this value FP = 0.250, calculated according to standard solutions and working conditions in GC / MS. KR is calculated from the ratio of the amount found in the water sample to the theoretical amount of 5 mg added to the 25 ml sample. Experimental data show that Brary clay has better adsorption properties of benalaxyl and atrazine compared to Dardha clay. As for benalaxyl and atrazine compared their adsorbents in both clays, it turns out that benalaxyl adsorbs better in both clays. Benalaxylcompared to atrazine is better adsorbed in Brari clay compared to Dardha clay.

Keywords: Benalaxyl, atrazine, clay, adsorption.