Democracy and Change Management: An Overview

Proceedings of The 11th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2023



Democracy and Change Management: An Overview

Arthur Gambardella et Raúl González Muñoz




Representative democracy is increasingly sought after in the business world but also in our society.
The world is changing and the demand of employees to have their opinions considered is increasingly important.
This paper will explore in several ways how democracy can limit some of the risks inherent in change and thus create faster and more effective transformations.
It will also address democracy as an essential human need, especially for the younger generations through the Fiske model. This model seems to respond to the human desire to understand why change takes place for example and how projects can be challenged.
Finally, it will also be a question of perceiving several ways of allowing participatory democracy to take root in the processes of a business project. There are several bases on which to build the company so that it can implement this mechanism of participatory democracy

keywords: Representative democracy, Risks, Change Management, Turnover