Oman’s Image in Turkey

Proceedings of ‏The 11th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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Oman’s Image in Turkey

Cuneyt Yenigun,Hani AlBasoos



Oman is a small Gulf state with very rich natural resources and has good relations with the Western countries. Oman and Turkey had very long and good relations during the Ottoman times. A century of interrupted relations has started to resurrect in the last decade with the new agreements and economic and socio-cultural relations. Turkey and its policies, TV serials, and political leaders are very well known in Oman, whereas Oman is not very familiar to the Turkish people. In this research, to understand the level of Oman’s global image in Turkey, a survey was conducted on more than 500 persons and very interesting results show that Oman is not known well in Turkey. The survey was orchestrated in the streets and selected randomly following Turkey’s social data with 98.9% sample representative. In comparison with Europeans and Asians, the Turkish public knows Oman more than double of the world public opinion. For example, the location of Oman is known 51.9% in Turkey, but 38.2% in the world; the existence of general elections in Oman is known in Turkey on the level of 32.7%, whereas in Europe 16.3%. This study shares and interprets the data and the facts of figures of the survey results and brings some policy alternatives to Oman to be known better in Turkey and the world as a public diplomacy tool.

Keywords: Public Diplomacy, Oman’s Global Image, Oman-Turkey Relations, Oman’s Public Policy, Reputation.