Consumers Sensitivity to Advertising as A Tool for Brand Switching

Proceedings of The 10th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2023



Consumers Sensitivity to Advertising as A Tool for Brand Switching

Adeyemi Olushola Joseph




The purpose of this study is to examine consumer’s sensitivity to advertising as a tool for Brand switching.The objectives of the study included establishing  the impact of advertising on brand switching. It identified advertising tools used by Nigerian organisations. It explored the factors affecting consumers’ brand switching behaviours. To demonstrate how advertising can be used to sustain and attract consumers. To make the necessary recommendations and guidelines to ensure effectiveness of advertising on brand switching. The literature review entails brand switching and advertising, objectives of advertising, characteristics of advertising, theoretical framework and the empirical review. The theoretical framework discussed the DAGMAR model prepared by Russell Colley as a report for the Association of National Advertisers. The Empirical review identified the factors that influence the consumers to switch their service providers and it concluded that there is a relationship between switching providers and the factors like poor network coverage, frequent network problem, high call rates and influence from family and friends. The study finds out among others that the role of advertising on brand switching is very important because oftentimes consumer’s decision to switch their loyalty to another brand is motivated by what has been seen, heard of or practically used. The study also reveals that advertisement affects consumer’s preferences to a large extent, especially consumers who associate a celebrity with a brand as well as having actual knowledge about a product performance or functions, labelling and product ingredients.  Advertisement is one of the most preferred promotional tools because of its visual quality and also creates awareness. Advertising has become essential to introduce new products, for educating people and to influence consumers to switch their loyalty to another brand. It recommended amongst others that Management should endeavour to engage more in advertising activities so that they can have access to global market and company-wide awareness of their products. Managers are advised to spend more on advertising since it helps to promote the visibility and awareness about organisational products.  The organisation should regularly examine the segments of the market that have been appealing so as to hold strongly on to them and to look for ways of attracting more customers. Management should increase the amount spent on advertising since there is a positive relationship between advertising and brand switching.

keywords: Consumers Sensitivity to Advertising