Effects of Digital Technologies on Activism: The Case of Turkey

Proceedings of The 10th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2023



Effects of Digital Technologies on Activism: The Case of Turkey

Şeymanur Arslan Doğan, Esma Ergüner Özkoç




Throughout the history of humanity, there have been many developments that closed one era and started another. In the world of technology, this adventure, which started with the emergence of computers, became the beginning of a new era by leading the discovery of the internet. The existence of the Internet has become the gateway of the technology world to digital. In the information and communication age we live in, people express themselves through digital technologies and prefer digital platforms rather than physical places to carry out their activities.
Activism, which is defined as the act of supporting change in the face of social events or reacting in the opposite direction, takes its place in the digital world with its new version. People want to create change by organizing in order to react to events that disturb the general or a part of the society, to defend themselves, to express their ideas. At this point, activists step in. Activists aim to make an impact by organizing actions by appealing to the masses. To create the desired effect, activists abandoning traditional forms of action prefer digital technology tools.
In this study, digital technologies used in activism activities and the effect of digital technologies on activism activities were examined with a survey participated by non-governmental organizations working in Turkey and their online members (283 participants). In addition, the impact of digital technologies on activism in the coming years is discussed.

keywords: Digital Technologies, Activism, Digital Activism