Formal Training of IT Managers in Germany: Research Based On Job Advertisements

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2020


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Formal Training of IT Managers in Germany: Research-Based On Job Advertisements

Bjarne Erik Roscher



Companies are more and more dependent on information technology (IT) and the buzzword digitization is present everywhere. Some companies are inventing new business models based on disruptive innovation supported by information technology. Others adapt these business models as followers. All these new business processes and underlying information technology need to be managed, serviced and supported by IT organizations to ensure business continuity and successful business transformation. The head of the IT Organisation needs a variety of training, skills and competences to be able to effectively support business processes. In the current research, job advertisements have been analysed to investigate what competences in form of formal training companies are looking for, when they are hiring IT Managers and Chief Information Officers (CIO). The findings indicate that HR departments might require the wrong field of study from applicants. Findings suggest that most studies are not generalistic enough to cover the diverse requirements and tasks of an IT Organization. Mostly this lack of diversified knowledge is compensated by the request of the employer towards the applicant to have several years of service in the IT domain.

Keywords: Chief Information Officer, IT Organization, recruiting, education, Job advertisements.