Open Access Statement

Open access is at the foundation of the principles governing the Journal of Social Media Marketing. As such, users and institutions have unrestricted access to all the papers published by JSMM with no membership fees. This open access allows users to read, download, print, search, share, and link both the abstracts and the full texts of the papers. The papers and the journal must be properly cited, however, no permission from the publisher or the author is required.

The Archives section of JSMM contains the full database of the papers and can be easily and at no cost accessed by users.

JSMM believes that such open access is imperative for the facilitation of a free and equal discussion that incorporates a true diversity of opinions and perspectives, which, backed by sound research, make a significant impact on the future of education, both within the context of academia and policy.

JSMM is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY.

Content Disclaimer

JSMM requires that the submitted papers are original and have not been submitted for or published in any other journals. When parts of the research were submitted to other journals or published in the past, the author must clearly stipulate so on the cover letter. If the published extracts do not reveal the findings or implications of the paper, it may still be considered for publication, following the double-blind peer-review process. The author must also obtain all the necessary permission to publish the extracts from the paper from the previous publisher(s) and/or copyright holders.

Other exceptions can be made on an individual basis, including if an extract from the paper was published in a language other than English prior to its submission to JSMM.

JSMM does not assume responsibility for the facts, the accuracy of the information, and opinions expressed in the papers, which belong solely to their respective authors. JSMM is not liable for any damage incurred to other parties – co-authors, publishers, readers, etc. - as a consequence of a paper publication, usage, and distribution. JSMM is not liable for any errors in the content or any direct or any indirect damage caused by one's reliance on the content.

Content published by JSMM does not intend to misrepresent, defame, or harm any religion, ethnic group, organization, institution, or individual.

JSMM reserves the sole right to edit or remove any papers and other content on its website.

Withdrawal Policy

The following section outlines JSMM’s withdrawal policies. While authors who submit their papers for publication are strongly encouraged to comply with the quality and ethical standards, in the event that the withdrawal requested for unethical reasons, the policy outlined below is used to determine whether the withdrawal request will be granted.

Manuscript Withdrawal PRIOR to Its Acceptance for Publication

Following the submission of a manuscript, an author is given 3 days to withdraw their submission. Their request will be granted immediately without the expectation of a written explanation of the reason. Following the 3 days after the submission, the manuscript is entered into the peer-review system. As such, any withdrawal request must be accompanied by a written explanation of an ethical reason. Unethical reasons may include plagiarism, failure to obtain the necessary permissions and approvals, failure to disclose the submission of the paper to other publications, and others. In the event that unethical reasons are suspected, JSMM reserves the right to conduct a further investigation and take the required actions.

Manuscript Withdrawal FOLLOWING Its Acceptance for Publication

By submitting a manuscript, its author accepts all the terms and conditions listed by JSMM on this website. Therefore, failure to disclose relevant information, failure to receive the necessary permissions and approvals, or simultaneous submission of the manuscript to other publications are considered unethical conduct. JSMM reserves the right to take action according to its ethical misconduct policy. Plagiarism, misrepresentation of facts, and misrepresentation of data also constitute unethical behavior.

Unintentional lapses in judgment – lack of knowledge of local/funder/international/organizational policies in relation to publishing one's work – will be considered, however, the final decision is fully at JSMM’s discretion.

Manuscript Withdrawal FOLLOWING its Publication

In order to maintain its database as reliable as possible, JSMM rarely allows for manuscripts to be withdrawn following their publication. However, in rare instances where strong ethical reasons are provided, manuscripts can be later updated, replaced, retracted, or removed. In order to provide a unified open-access platform with high-quality content, such exceptions are extremely rare. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure full compliance with the terms and conditions of JSMM and ethical rules prior to submitting a manuscript.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

The online submission system is the only acceptable method of submitting a manuscript. Hard copies submitted via post, fax, or other methods will be refused automatically. Submissions via email will only be accepted if there is a prior agreement with the Editor to accommodate such method.

JSMM is an online-only publication. It does not publish or distribute hard copies of the papers. Similarly, the Certificates provided to the authors of accepted papers are done so electronically. No hard copy is provided.

Each article will remain on JSMM’s website forever under the same unique resource locator (URL). Only in the event of a paper withdrawal due to proved plagiarism and/or copyright claims will the URL be affected.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Should JSMM be responsible for a failure to process or publish a manuscript in accordance with its policies, the author will receive a refund of the APC. For example, should JSMM fail to ensure open access to a paper or make another error, its author is entitled to a refund if JSMM does not address and fix the error within 30 days of publication. It is the author’s sole responsibility to identify any errors and contact JSMM’s support team.

Should the article be retracted or removed due to the author’s unethical conduct, the author forfeits their right to a refund.

Contact JSMM’s support team for more information.