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The general objective of this study was determinants of students’ performance in financial and commerce accounting in Federal Government Colleges of Kano state. Four specific objectives, research questions, and null hypotheses were raised for the study. For the purpose of this study, different books were reviewed both published and unpublished materials. The descriptive survey research design was used for this study. The population for the study was two hundred and seventy-nine (279). This consists of twenty-two (22) Financial Accounting teachers and (257) Financial Accounting subjects’ students in SS1 and SS2 from Federal Government Colleges of Kano State. The questionnaire was administered to both teachers and students for data collection. The data collected were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation and t-test. The null hypothesis was raised and tested with a t-test statistic tool at 0.05 level of significance. The null hypothesis raised and tested was accepted. Based on the findings, it was concluded that if students are not discouraged by their parents from taking financial accounting and Commerce, students will pass their examinations with a good grade that will enable then go for further studies, and recommendations were made for the study.

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Abdulrazak, M. . (2018). Determinants of Students’ Performance in Financial Accounting and Commerce in Federal Government Colleges in Kano States, Nigeria. Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences, 1(1), 16–19.