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Global Higher Education in the 21st Century


Dr. Nicoleta Gaciu

PhD, MPhil, MSc, BSC, MInstP _ Senior Lecturer in Education School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Call for a book chapter

Use this exclusive opportunity to extend your research work and contribute to our upcoming Open Access book, Global Higher Education in the 21st Century with ISBN 978-1-8381524-5-1. Prepare your proposal and submit it via the online submission form. Make sure to stipulate that you agree to publish your chapter as part of the Open Access Book. Upon successful screening by the editorial board to ensure that the proposal adheres to the quality and focus requirements, your proposal will be sent for a double-blind peer-review process. If your book proposal is accepted, you will receive an open-access publication confirmation. You will then work closely with the Book Editor to deliver the final manuscript.

Important Dates

  • Proposals Submission Deadline: 15 October 2021
  • Full Chapters Due: 20 November 2021

About the Book

The global higher education landscape is rapidly changing, making a shift from the physical world to a more digitally-based world. Does this create a new opportunity for institutions, or maybe it just speeds up trends that were already clear and expected for higher education institutions? Can remote learning replace face-to-face teaching? How are universities embracing online learning? What have we lost in the pivot to virtual pedagogy, and what have we gained? What are the trends in innovative pedagogies in higher education? Furthermore, how do different countries view international higher education? What is the future of international student mobility, and global mobility of researchers? How are different nations and/or regions responding to the new age of universal higher education?

These and many other questions will be discussed in the upcoming Open Access Book titled “Global Higher Education in the 21st Century”. The e-book aims to inform the higher education sector, support the dissemination of knowledge, and offer advice to the challenges of international education.

The chapters of the book will examine how different areas of global education are changing: from the policies of academic institutions and their international research collaboration to the role of transnational education, the adoption of digital technology, and tech-based education.

The Open Access Book – to be published by Diamond Scientific Publishing in collaboration with Proud Pen – will be an ideal resource for education policymakers, researchers, and students.

Book Chapter Submissions

  • Proposal submissions must be original and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • All proposals must follow the guidelines of the template available on the Book Project page.
  • The Review and final Acceptance decisions will be based on relevance, quality, innovative content, and the originality of research approaches and results.
  • Proposals should be submitted via the Online Proposal Submission Form.
ISBN: 978-1-8381524-5-1

The Book will be published in collaboration with Proud Pen, Open Access books Publisher.

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