Call for Chapters

COVID-19 – Reshaping Marketing and Communications


Dr. Ljupka Naumovska

Rennes School of Business, Rennes, France

Call for a book chapter

Use this exclusive opportunity to extend your research work and contribute to our upcoming Open Access book, COVID-19 – Reshaping Marketing and Communications with 978-1-8381524-7-5Prepare your proposal and submit it via the online submission form. Make sure to stipulate that you agree to publish your chapter as part of the Open Access Book. Upon successful screening by the editorial board to ensure that the proposal adheres to the quality and focus requirements, your proposal will be sent for a double-blind peer-review process. If your book proposal is accepted, you will receive an open-access publication confirmation. You will then work closely with the Book Editor to deliver the final manuscript.

Due to the critical nature of the topic, all publication costs will be covered by Diamond Scientific Publishing, and the book Chapter Authors will not pay any Chapter Processing Fee.

Important Dates

  • Proposals Submission Deadline: 30 October 2020
  • Full Chapters Due: 30 November 2020

About the Book

Your life is already AI-dominated. So should your marketing and brand strategy be.

The digital evolution has transformed into digital revolution under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic. Three sided crisis: health, social and economic –  is reshaping our lives, our societies and our businesses. As the ways we communicate continue to evolve rapidly, keeping pace with the latest trends in social media, digital marketing instruments, the newest online videos, the latest apps, and tech devices, requires maximum flexibility and adaptability.

This revolutionary guide on reshaped marketing communication gives you a scientifically proven plan for leveraging the power of technology and marketing to get your message content perceived by your targeted audience. You will learn from outstanding contributors the latest methodologies for highly effective public relations, marketing, promotional strategies, CSR, digital communications, social campaigns, content creation and media.

The newest trends in marketing are offering innovative methods and cutting-edge strategies more effective than ever. The chapters in this book shows you how to employ AI and machine learning, use user generated content, engage customers and optimize data for creating outstanding marketing and PR strategy. This must-have resource will help you:

  • Feature the new digital communication rules that will keep you advance the digital marketing
  • Use data-based communication technologies to their fullest potential
  • Gain valuable understandings through compelling qualitative and quantitative research from contributors from all around the world.

The e-book COVID-19 – Reshaping Marketing and Communications is the ideal resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, PR professionals, and managers in organizations of all industries and sizes.

Indeed, we are urged to adopt and pursue changes in the post-covid times in order to contribute for recovery of the global and local economy.

It is our duty to map the “new normal”! Learn how, by reading this book.

ISBN: 978-1-8381524-7-5

The Book will be published in collaboration with Proud Pen, Open Access books Publisher.

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