Folklore Source and Fiction texts

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on New Findings in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2018 | Page No: 41-48


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Folklore Source and Fiction texts

Ketevan Barbakadze , Tamar Gogoladze


During a period of time the folklore source has not always become a plot of a national or foreign text. The main point is the theme of folklore source. The myth of antique epoch about Leander and Hero’s tragic love appeared to be one of such themes reflected in the world Literature (Ovidius, Musées, Schiller, Grillparzer, Byron, Kuprin). At the same time “The Poem of the Lad from Tavparavani”, very popular in Georgian folklore, the subject matter of which is very close to the Greek myth. The mentioned ballade became a story-line of two Georgian fictions (G. Dochanashvili and T. Chiladze). In the literary and folklore studies of 30s of the XX century, the similarity of the subject matter provoked the idea of originating “The Poem of the Lad from Tavparavani” from a Greek myth, though the idea appeared less proved for us. That is why, we have tried to broaden thoughts and ideas of some Georgian researchers (V. Kotetishvili, G. Kalandadze) concerning the authentic origin (arisen on the Georgian basis) of “The poem of the Lad from Tavparavani”. After that to state the issue, which is based on using a plot of folklore, source in fictions where the reality of arising on national basis is proved.

The current research represents a modest attempt to research the origins of “The Poem of the Lad from Tavparavani”, which is represented in the Georgian fictional works (G. Dochanashvili; T. Tchiladze) and proves its authenticity (Georgian origins), which on the one hand bears an utmost importance for the development of Georgian folkloristic and one the other hand represents a potential learning resource for high school and university students.

Keywords:Folklore, Myth, Tavparavani, Discourse, Literature.