International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics <p>The International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics is a platform for scientific discussion and knowledge sharing open for all researchers worldwide. The abbreviation for the Journal is IJARME. It provides a forum for both academics and decision-makers to advance theory and application in the fields of Management and Economics. All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical, and will be peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing.</p> Mokslinės Leidybos Deimantas (Diamond Scientific Publication) en-US International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics 2538-8053 Correlation of European and U.S. Technology and Financial Stocks during COVID-19 Pandemic <p>In 2022 stock markets around the world lost some of their value, led by high-growth sectors, sectors that tend to show a significantly higher growth rate than the average market. At the same time the financial sector shows a potentially higher interest rate sensitivity. The prevailing academic opinion is that central bank monetary policy during the COVID-19 pandemic is one key factor for the stock market development globally. This paper discusses the assumption of a significant technology and financial sector correlation for Europe and the United States from 2020 to 2022 based on market capitalization. The objective is fulfilled with a Pearson correlation for representative parts of STOXX Europe 600 and S&amp;P 500. The results confirm significant correlation for the selected sectors and stocks for both regions, indicating potentially general sensitivity for the entire investigation period. Based on this, further research on sectors and potential alternative independent variables is recommended.</p> Petr Budinský Alexander Hütteroth Copyright (c) 2023 Petr Budinský, Alexander Hütteroth 2023-12-12 2023-12-12 6 4 1 20 10.33422/ijarme.v6i4.1134 Supplier integration <p>In the supplier evaluation process, companies focus on comparing performances. The literature offers various analysis methods, although the matrices used are often subjective and difficult to implement in practice. This article aims to develop an easily implementable model, aimed at meeting the company's need to identify suitable suppliers for integration projects. Integration involves establishing close collaboration and cooperation between suppliers and customers with the goal of reduced inventory levels, shorter delivery times, and improved customer service. Thanks to the collaboration of a sample of companies, a new model is proposed. Our research is structured in three phases: identification of parameters for supplier evaluation; creation of the matrix; evaluation of the satisfaction level reported by the companies that have used the model. A comparison matrix between ABC classes and a multi-criteria supplier evaluation index allow the company to define a set of suppliers with a high probability of integration. This practical approach has been implemented in approximately 23 companies, and the level of satisfaction reported is high because it demonstrates greater rationality in supplier evaluation.</p> Andrea Payaro Anna Rita Papa Copyright (c) 2023 Andrea Payaro, Anna Rita Papa 2023-12-12 2023-12-12 6 4 21 35 10.33422/ijarme.v6i4.1123 Economic Variables as an Early Warning Sign for Monitoring Construction Cost Indices – “An Empirical Study on Egypt” <p class="TTPKeywords" style="margin-top: 12.0pt; text-indent: 0in; background: white;">The construction industry plays a crucial role in any nation's economic growth and prosperity through the implementation of the SDGs. Researchers reveal that the 17 SDGs are directly dependent by 17% and indirectly reliant by 27% on the construction industry's activities. In addition, the construction projects, whatever their type or components, continue for several years, during which many price changes and sharp economic fluctuations occur, whether at the local or international level, reflected in overall economic performance and the construction industry's health, leading to the project's cost changes and a shortage in the allocated budgets. Due to the difficulties this industry faces in reaching these goals, including the Egypt Vision 2030, we chose to look into these effects by using the ENR methodology to develop an explanatory construction cost indices model in Egypt similar to models used in other countries while making appropriate changes for the Egyptian markets. To illustrate the relationship between these selected economic variables and construction costs in Egypt and to act as an early warning sign to quantify, track, and predict the construction cost movements and trends in Egypt's construction sectors through a reliable model. A mixed research methodology consisted of semi-structured interviews with 15 industry experts and an empirical study covering 1990 through 2020 for selected local and international economic variables. We concluded that national and international economic variables significantly impacted as explanatory and predictive variables in Egypt's construction industry's cost indices; these variables are as follows: gross domestic product (GDP), consumer price index (CPI), USD to EGP exchange rate ($), inflation rate, lending rate, money supply, and unemployment rate, as well as international crude oil prices, gold prices, and copper prices. Nevertheless, further investigation is required with more economic variables across various construction industry sectors over various time intervals and different time series statistical and econometric modeling techniques.</p> Mohamed Abdel Latif Elsayed Eldesoky Hamdy Elwany Mohamed A. Raghab Fahd A. Hemeida Copyright (c) 2023 Mohamed Abdel Latif Elsayed Eldesoky, Hamdy Elwany, Mohamed A. Raghab, Fahd A. Hemeida 2023-12-12 2023-12-12 6 4 36 56 10.33422/ijarme.v6i4.1149