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As a productive skill, writing in ELT classes is regarded as a challenging issue for most of the language teachers and students. Taking writing into consideration, it is clearly seen that there are various types of texts such as letter, e-mail, paragraph, essay, story, and etc. depending on the level and competence of the students. These types are the key source of the contribution of the writing process in most of the institutions. They give chance to the students to produce the language they are learning in an effective way. First of all, this study aims to be a guideline to show the requirements expected from the students by using the writing criteria applied at Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages in Eski?ehir, Turkey for all levels. In the second place, this study sheds light on the detailed description of the components that are included in the criteria. Lastly, it gives basic information about the essential tips for learners in order to enhance their writing skills. With the help of this study, it is aimed to ease the burden of educators who would like to teach writing in a more effective way and to make students aware of their possible mistakes while producing their texts.


writing skill, writing criteria, language learning

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Demirci, G. . (2020). Things to Consider for Students While Writing in ELT Classes. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 1(1), 9–14.