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Artificially lead (Pb) contaminated soil was stabilised with hydrated lime and the leaching behaviour of the element was investigated. A 5 grams’ sample of contaminated soil was thoroughly mixed with 0.1g of lime, and The mixture containing 50 ml of leaching solution was shaken for 2hours, and then the solution was filtered using a Whatman Grade 540. filter paper. The extent of lead leaching, with and without the addition of lime, was determined after adjusting the solution pH between (1-12). More than 90% of the lead was retained when the pH was 12.0. Results from the analysis of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Raman, on the soil samples retained on the filter paper, showed the formation of lead sulphate, lead oxide, and lead carbonate. which is in agreement with the analysis of X-ray diffraction and FTIR measurements.


Raman, leaching, lead, lime, stabilization, XPS

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Hassan, M. ., & Almansori, B. M. H. . (2019). XPS and Raman Characterized Lime Stabilized Lead Contaminated Soil. European Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 2(4), 1–11.