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The purpose of this study was to investigate the configuration between the university fields of the Farhangian and the syllabus of the courses with the strengthening of the sustainable development which is conducted using “Document Research” and “Development Critique”. The research is classified into three levels. The first level is the theoretical topics that are studied through investigating study, the study papers and the library of theoretical capacity. After decoding, the components of sustainable development of extraction are studied, and the axial encoding is done a thorough examination of academic courses and content. On the third level, the setting of the components of study and conceptualizations are discussed below the concepts. Finally, the results get analyzed. The results indicate that some of the titles are clearly defined, and some of them are implicitly and subtly aligned with the “social”, “organizational” and “technological” sustainability concepts. However, economic and biological sustainability is not the focus of the content. Besides, the content of some subjects does not mention any sustainable development. On the other hand, given the fact that the foundation for sustainable development is the strengthening of professional technical courses, the Farhangian University is specialized in training teachers in theoretical fields; and except for the “Academic School Physical Education instructor”, it does not cover the “Vocational Physical Education instructor”.


sustainable development, Farhangian University, course descriptions

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Meshkibaf Moghaddam, Z. ., Akbari, A. ., Cherabin, M. ., & Fatehi, R. . (2018). A Studying of the University Curriculum of the Farhangian Studies and It’s Relationship with the Sustainable Development. European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 1(3), 43–52.